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Vivaldi Academy of Music, Brought to Auckland  from the South of Italy!




The Vivaldi Academy of Music is a music school that was formed by the Napoli family, who have resided in Auckland now for over 8 years nows.  In 2008, Matteo Napoli and his wife Lilia Carpinelli began a new life in New Zealand, moving from the South of Italy.


Having founded and run two music schools in Italy for over 20 years, Matteo was appointed Director of the Bay of Islands Academy of Music in Kerikeri.  In 2012, Matteo and Lilia moved to Auckland. Encouraged by their students they founded their own school of music based in Parnell; The Vivaldi Academy of Music.  


They were joined in 2013 by Matteo’s brother Marcello, who had been their business partner back in Italy.  With Marcello's expertise in Violin, Orff-Schulwerk methodology and Body Percussion, the family was stronger reunited. They had an even stronger belief that music is a source of personal enrichment and emotional expression for all ages.

The idea of a school came with the vision they have always had, to inspire love for music, by encouraging students to take part in individual and group lessons, public performances, open master classes and concerts.  The Vivaldi Academy of Music aims to help music lovers at any level to develop understanding, love and passion for music.​

Authentic Italian Sounds


Italy is well known around the world for its stunning architecture, beautiful paintings and sculptures and also its savoir vivre – think delicious Mediterranean cuisine and excellent wines. However, the country also made such a significant contribution to the development of Western music, that Italian is universally known as the “language of music”.  All our highly trained and experienced teachers were born, bred and trained in Italy.

We love sharing our musical expertise, first-hand understanding of Italian culture and our native command of the language of music. While we specialise in teaching piano, violin and singing, all of our lessons draw on the wider historical and cultural context of European music.

Teach In Harmony


We love to...

  • Inspire love and passion for music

  • Provide a healthy, comfortable, and engaging learning environment

  • Foster confidence and creativity in students of all ages and levels through exceptional musical learning. 

  • Provide personalised study programs

  • Provide opportunities to perform; taking part in master- classes and concerts, as well as exams and competitions. 

Have you ever Wondered...

  • How can the techniques employed by famous pianists benefit your piano playing?

  • Why, for centuries, Italian language has been the most suited language for singing?

  • How could Niccolò Paganini’s (1782-1840) influence on the evolution of violin technique be so great that a planet is now named after him (Planet 2859)?

  • Why does music have so many proven neurological and cognitive benefits for musicians of all age groups, especially children and the elderly?

Would like to explore these and other fascinating questions? Are you keen to improve your instrumental or voice technique, to become a more competent musician whatever your standard?  If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place.


We prepare for any grade and competition and teach up to postgraduate university level.

Do contact us for more information. You may soon be amongst the ranks of our prize, award and scholarship-winning students.

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We’d love to hear from you!

Vivaldi Academy of Music| 475 Parnell Road, Parnell|1052 Auckland| New Zealand

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