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Body Percussion, Auckland Vivaldi Academy of Music, Auckland, Marcello Napoli

  Body Percussion  

What is Body Percussion


The connection between Brain, Music and Movement.  

We can use our bodies and movement, to make music whilst also improving our brain function!  


The main characteristics of Body Percussion, is the rhythmic beating of the person’s body.  The human body is the original musical instrument and we can use the body to give students a direct experience of musical elements, such as beatrhythm, and metre and to help a student internalise rhythmic skills.   The purpose is not to learn musical notes, their duration or to read a score, but to stimulate the brain through the benefits of rhythm with neuroscience.  The impact and sound sends messages to our sensory receptor, whose role is to transmit vibrations and pressure stimuli to the brain.   

 Benefits of Body Percussion

Body Percussion is fun, light exercise that create energy, and provide cognitive stimulation for the development of attention, memory, movement, coordination and speech.


• Enhances gross and fine motor skills.

• Enhances body and brain physical balance.

• Enhances coordination of feet, hands and voice.

• Awakens vocal percussion as an expression of inner sound and rhythms.

• Nurtures a sense of joy by making music within a group.

• Reduces stress, boosts the immune system, increases creativity.

• Delays or reverses memory loss.

• ​No rules and no mistakes!

• IT IS FUN! Increases the sense of joy by making music within a group.

Are you looking for something very special, fun and exciting that keeps your brain active and your body awake? 

Marcello Napoli, Body Percussion Workshop, Auckland
   Marcello Napoli    
Educator & Body Percussion Therapist


Marcello Napoli has been studying and researching the connections between music and neuroscience for over 20 years.  Starting from the analysis of different methodologies (Orff-Schulwerk, Dalcroze and Gordon) and collaborating with a team of neurophysiologists, children psychologists and speech therapists; Marcello developed a methodology which uses the strongest discoveries made, merges and integrates these with the best of each method studied in the past.  Mr Napoli has extensive experience as a group therapist working with post-stroke and elderly individuals, as well as teaching children with learning difficulties and speech impediments.

Marcello is a violin and piano teacher at The Vivaldi Academy of Music, Body Percussions teacher and violin teacher in schools, as well as a Body Percussion Therapist.  He has run body percussion classes and also workshops for therapists around the world, in New Zealand, Italy, China and Japan. He is an experienced leader in this field.

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Body Percussion

Course Brochure

Body Percussion from a Musical, Neuro-Motor and Mnemonic view point

SELWYN VILLAGE Body Percussion Calendar 2019

St Philip’s Anglican Church Body Percussion Calendar 2019

Selwyn Village, Body Percussion workshop, Vivaldi Academy of Music
 Classes & Workshops 

Come and join one of our Body Percussion classes!

Classes range from 15 minutes - for the most severe cases of autism, hyperactivity ADHD, Alzheimer's, dementia or Parkinson, to 60 minutes for adults  and elderly.   Age doesn't matter, this method keeps your brain activity boosted as well as increasing your body coordination, while having fun in a group, using rhythm and movement.

Workshops for Therapists


We run workshops specifically for therapists that work with children with special needs and the elderly.  In the January 2016, Marcello gave two workshops in Japan (Osaka and Tokyo) and China (Tangshham) where he tutored around a hundred Disability Therapists who specialise in treating Autistic and ACHD behaviour. 

Conference of Body Percussion Therapy


We are very pleased to invite you to participate in the conference of " a new international scientific research for elderly and people with dementia"  which will be held in METROPOLIS MUSEUM 116 SYMOND STREET on 29th November (Thursday) at 6:00 pm, held by the  WGS Group Ltd, China LANTIAN, I.N.G.O, and UNEDUCH. 

The presenters are Marcello Napoli and Alessandro Bertirotti. 

The theme of this meeting is:" to introduce and share the methodology of WGS therapy  which will be executed in China next year"


The conference is organized by the WGS Group Ltd and UNEDUCH, and the cooperation of the China LANTIAN. By then, more than 10 organizations from the elderly houses, clinic, special schools and media will attend the meeting. 

  The main topics of this meeting include:

1. What is Body percussion, and the difference between Body PercussionTherapy

2. Neurophysiological reactions, memories involved, benefit at short and long term. 

3. Collaboration between  New Zealand - Italy - China 

4. How W.G.S.(word - gesture - sound)  Philosophical approach can help the elderly and people with dementia.


Please RSVP before 19th November, by emailing at in order to arrange your seat and preparing the food. We are so expecting to have you join our conference to take a close look at our new therapy for dementia, Parkinson, ADHD and Alzheimer.


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