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  Tuition Fees 

 School terms 2024.

TERM 1      January 30st - April 13th  (11 weeks)

TERM 2      April 29th - July 5th  (10 weeks)

TERM 3      July 22nd - September 27th (10 weeks)

TERM 4      October 14th - December 20th (10 weeks)

Answers to frequently asked questions:



  • Fees are charged per term.  An invoice will be sent at the beginning of each term. Students commit to their allocated lesson times for the entire year or the period paid for at the time of the enrolment.

  • A lesson slot is considered booked when the payment has been finalised.

  • One lesson per term can be rescheduled. However, teacher must be notified at least 24h prior the lesson time. 

  • Catch up lessons will happen within the same term depending on teacher's slot availability

  • Lessons missed in a term cannot be redeemed or transferred to the next. Missed lessons must be paid for.

  • FIVE WEEKS NOTICE is required if lessons are going to be permanently cancelled

  • In the unluckily event of a lockdown or other Covid related restrictions, lessons will continue normally online. If students decide not to have classes remotely, fees are still to be paid fully.  Lessons missed in a term cannot be redeemed or transferred to the next.

Marcello Napoli


Weekly lessons:                            $60/30mins



Violin Grade 8  and above:          $95/H

Lilia Carpinelli

Voice/ Italian language coaching for singers

Weekly lessons:       $50/30 mins



Matteo Napoli


Price on application


Weekly lesson starting from ...


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