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  Why Learn With Us?  

The Vivaldi Academy of Music offer music lessons in Piano, Violin and Voice, in a comfortable and friendly environment. The outstanding level of expertise, experience and humbleness of the Vivaldi Academy teachers, is the key of our successful results. Please review our Testimonials and student achievements for confidence in the excellent level of teaching expertise on offer at The Vivaldi Academy of Music.

We give our students the tools to get to know their instrument deeply and practice methods that not only help to speed up the learning process, but also the ability to read a page of music with a “different eye”.  We care about our students musical journey being psychologically healthy and enriching. 

Our Mission

  • To Inspire, nurture and train students to become very fine musicians, through exceptional musical learning.

  • Help music lovers at any age and level to develop understanding, love and passion for music.

  • Provide as many opportunities to perform in groups.

  • Transform lives and strengthen our community through the joy of music.

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