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Marcello Napoli, Vivaldi Academy of Music, Auckland

  Marcello Napoli  



Marcello Napoli, is not only a fully trained experienced musician and teacher but also an expert on the famous Orff Music Education System. On the basis of his work as a music teacher, Marcello developed an interest in the neurological and therapeutic aspects of music. 

For about thirty years, in collaboration with a team of Italian researchers, Marcello Napoli has been involved in:  psychology and group psychology, memory processes, the neurophysiology of learning, anthropology, and in the last 10 years the neurophysiology of teaching, using the role and functions of mirrors neurons, and the relationship between emotion and performance stress.

These researches and collaborations have enabled him to engage with his students in a conscious and strategic way.


The basis of his work is “ who you are before what you are doing” in other words,  “the person before the student". The student is a person with fears, desires, dreams, disappointments, difficulties and failures. The teacher's role is to guide, support and encourage him/her to the right degree.

Marcello educational path uses curiosity, self-confidence and satisfaction in order to transform a stimulus or a curiosity into a “need “ to communicate through music.



Marcello is a proficient piano and violin teacher and a Body Percussion Therapist.  Providing an opportunities for everyone from budding to accomplished musicians. 


''Knowledge makes me the human being I am.

Knowing  'what, how and when' makes me the teacher I am.''


A teacher knows “what to say" and can balance it, with “what, how and when” introducing a new info.  A good teacher has the capacity to adapt his teaching strategies to the students whom he is facing.

Having Knowledge and knowing how to teach are different processes and skills, kept together only by the consciousness of the learning system that is influenced by age, gender, interests and individual abilities.


Marcello’s Body Percussion therapy workshops provide a truly unique experience. Better still, they help improve vital cognitive functions such as attention, memory, movement, coordination and speech.

>>CLICK HERE<< To see past student achievements.

Highlights & Achievements


  • Honours Degree in Music (Violin, Salerno) and graduate of the Italian Orff-Schulwerk Institute.

  • Long-standing interest in the interface between neuroscience, synaesthesia and multisensory therapy 

  • Cutting-edge neurophysiological research in cooperation with the universities of Florence, Padua and Genoa involving neuroscientists, child psychologists and speech therapists

  • Extensive experience as a group therapist working with post-stroke and elderly individuals as well as children with learning difficulties and speech impediments


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