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Matteo Napoli, Vivaldi Academy of Music

  Welcome From The Director  

Teaching philosophy


We believe that the growth of a young musician is given by a good balance of Technique, Methodology and Musicianship.

We provide our students a solid technique and specific practice methods to help them translating their musical ideas, building a stronger musicianship and therefore reaching their goals.      


We give our students tools:

Technical: which muscles we involve, how do we use them.

Musical: physiology/shape of the phrase, architecture of the piece and how to realize it.

Methodological: given a goal what is the best way/ practice method to achieve it.

Achieve & Perform


It is in the moment of the performance that the truth comes tangible. This is the reason why we organize as many performances for our students and is the reason why we encourage them to enter competitions, sit exams and auditions.  We prepare them for ABRSM , Trinity exams as well as for university auditions. 

Matteo Napoli, Vivaldi Academy of Music
Come and join The Vivaldi Family

The Vivaldi Academy of Music, was established to share our passion for music and enlarge our musical family. We value all our students as part of our extended Vivaldi Family.  We work with each and everyone of them to help them developing their talents fully.  We also bring together students and musicians from the wider musical community, to work and play together. Join us! We can help you achieve your goals and reach your dreams.

 Matteo Napoli 

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